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Loki - Norse god of fire

Loki is easily one of the most famous of Norse God's and also one of the most controversial. Loki reminds us we cannot have order without chaos, to be true to ourselves and to stand up when the truth needs to be said. While some people view him as a negative God others draw close to him since they themselves are deemed outcasts. Whatever your choice, Loki is a large part of Norse Mythology and always will be. So why not dig deeper for understanding? Let us do just that! A bit about Loki: Loki is a god of fire and truth telling. He is the blood brother of Odin and bringer of laughter to Skadi. Loki is the only...

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Rune meanings - The Elder Futhark

Rune meanings - The Elder Futhark The Elder Futhark is the oldest form of the runic alphabets and was used during the migration period. Included in my descriptions are each letter(s) the rune will translate to and how to pronounce the rune. With this information you can learn how to write with the runes. The most accurate way to write in runes is by phonetics, so learning how to properly pronounce the runes is key. If you need help memorizing the runes I also recommend practicing flash cards or downloading the app "quizlet" where you can have digital flashcards right on your phone.    FEHU - (F) "fay-hoo" Cattle. Cattle, security, wealth, prosperity. Financial strength, luck, possessions earned or won,...

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Consecrating pagan ritual tools

  What is consecration? Consecration is the act of clearing out any unwanted energy from a ritual tool and cleansing the item before use. This will help your ritual experience while using the item. Anything used in spiritual work should be consecrated before use. This includes altars, talismans and can be any item you want to use in ritual. Even just a simple item you want placed on your altar or a talisman you carry in your pocket can be consecrated.  There are many different ways to consecrate an item but it is important to remember that once you have consecrated the item it should be considered sacred and treated as such. I also recommend not allowing anyone else to...

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