I, Rachel Shelton, opened Oreamnos Oddities in 2017. I was previously working as a maid in West Yellowstone, MT and decided to walk out one day after being harassed by management. Not knowing where else to work I figured "I'll just open an Etsy shop and in two weeks I'll find a new job." Well, it's been over two years and i'm still working full time providing one of a kind ritual tools, altars and unique pagan home decor here at Oreamnos Oddities! Sometimes blindly leaving a poor work environment is the best thing to ever happen to you.

I run my business from the Lemhi County in beautiful rural Idaho with a handful of turkeys, chickens, dogs, a cat and even a 20 year old tarantula.

All of the bones for sale are hand harvested from within the landscape, hand cleaned individually and completely processed on site. I simply find them while hiking so everything you see for sale was naturally found. No harsh chemicals are used during the cleaning process so the beautiful natural tint is left within the bone. This also helps them to be less brittle!

All woodworking is done from scratch and the engravings are done entirely by hand. Even my incense are hand dipped with handmade packaging.

Want to know more? Email me oreamnosoddities@gmail.com

Want to see more? Check out @oreamnosoddities on instagram.