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Loki - Norse god of fire

Loki is easily one of the most famous of Norse God's and also one of the most controversial. Loki reminds us we cannot have order without chaos, to be true to ourselves and to stand up when the truth needs to be said. While some people view him as a negative God others draw close to him since they themselves are deemed outcasts. Whatever your choice, Loki is a large part of Norse Mythology and always will be. So why not dig deeper for understanding? Let us do just that!
A bit about Loki:
Loki is a god of fire and truth telling.
He is the blood brother of Odin and bringer of laughter to Skadi.
Loki is the only reason Thor is able to carry his hammer; Mjolnir. Odin, his steed Sleipnir and his ring Draupnir. He is also why Sif has golden hair. 
His father is the giant Farbauti, his mother is Laufey.
 Loki is the father, by the giantess Angrboda, of Fenrir, jormungandr and Hel.
His wife is Sigyn and they have a son named Nari or Narfi.
Loki is also the mother of Sleipnir, Odin's steed.
Loki is a shape shifter and within the Edda's appears as a salmon, a mare, a fly and possibly an elderly woman named Þökk.
Where to find Loki within the Elder & Prose Edda's:
Völuspá, Lokasenna, Þrymskviða, Reginsmál, Baldrs draumar, Hyndluljóð, Fjölsvinnsmál,  Gylfaginning.
A few archaeological records involving Loki:
Snaptun Stone, Kirkby Stephen Stone & Gosforth Cross. There are a few other findings with possible depictions of Loki but are highly debated. 
Loki is also mentioned in stanza 13 of the Norwegian rune poem in connection with the Younger Futhark Berkanan rune. It reads " Birch has the greenest leaves of any shrub; Loki was fortunate in his deceit." According to Bruce Dickins, the reference to "Loki's deceit" in the poem "is doubtless to Loki's responsibility for Balder's death."
An amazing book about Loki with rituals, a bindrune talisman and insight to many sagas involving Loki:
In my personal opinion I found this book to be incredibly enjoyable. It is rare to find books with good "how-to rituals" within them but this book is filled with them. The author goes into detail about a wide variety of topics involving Loki and even gives advice for ritual offerings and how to build your own devotional practice with Loki. You will learn how to better understand Loki and how to directly connect with him. Dagulf also explains recommendations for offerings, how to make candles and even incense for your own Loki workings! My only complaint is that the book ended, I highly recommend adding this book to your library.
Have books to recommend to others about Loki? Feel free to leave a comment for all of us to check out!

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  • ÞURSAKYNGI – Loki by Ekortu
    very interesting point of view

    Anton on

  • I have introduced my young ones to Loki and his mischievousness in Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology. We listen to him reading his own book when time permits or on a long journey. They have all been in awe of the tales of Loki.

    Jer on

  • The book, “Consuming Flame,” is an excellent addition to any Lokian pathworker’s library.

    Jeff Lang on

  • Really enjoying your blog, big thanks for sharing!

    Jim on

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