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free resources on norse paganism

Daily pagan ritual ideas

  DAILY PAGAN RITUAL IDEAS Making time for rituals is important to every pagan. So how are we suppose to find time to honor the old gods when ...

Common symbols within Norse/Germanic Paganism

Common symbols within Norse/Germanic paganism.

How to cleanse your home of negative energies

HOME CLEANSING 101 First things first, what is cleansing?  Cleansing your home is a way to clear out any unwanted energies, negativities and stagn...

Herb correspondences in paganism and witchcraft

  Herbs are used for an endless amounts of rituals within paganism and witchcraft. Here's a list of their uses: Please visit my ritual tool sectio...

Loki - Norse god of fire

Loki is easily one of the most famous of Norse God's and also one of the most controversial. Loki reminds us we cannot have order without chaos, t...

Common pagan ritual tools

In Paganism ritual tools, objects and talismans are used during ritual to honor the God's and to work magic. By using these items you will be able ...
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