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How to cast the runes


For this blog I am going to go over the two easiest ways to cast your runes in runic divination.

Before rune casting:

Before you begin your rune casting you will need a rune set. Make one yourself out of wood, metal, rock or which ever material you prefer. If you cannot make one purchase one from a trusted source. I make several varieties you can find here. Do not let anyone else handle your main rune set. If you want to do readings for other people purchase a separate rune set for this. You will get better readings if you are the only person that handles your runes.

I do not recommend using a blank rune as this is a modern addition to the runes and was not traditionally used.

You will want to consecrate your rune set before you being working with it as well. Learn how to consecrate items here.

merkstave meanings

When casting your runes some of them may be reversed or upside down. If this is the case the rune would hold a merkstave meaning, which is the opposite of the original meaning. For instance, the Algiz rune means protection. If you pull this rune and it is upside down it would mean "unprotected". Here are a list of runes that do not have merkstave meanings:

Now that you have your rune set you will need a flat surface to work on. Some people will also use a rune casting cloth. This can be a board, altar, table or anywhere you are comfortable. Face North, meditate on your question and then begin to pull your rune(s).

Two ways to cast the runes:

This is the simplest form of runic divination. Simply pull a single rune in the morning to see how your day is going to end up and for quick insight. 


You will pull three runes from your rune set. The first, on the left represents the past. The middle, the present. The right, the future.

 There are many other ways to cast the runes but these two forms are the simplest and easiest for beginners.

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  • I really appreciate this post. Im a new norse pagan with a thirst of knowledge.

    Danielle on

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