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How to cleanse your home of negative energies


First things first, what is cleansing? 

Cleansing your home is a way to clear out any unwanted energies, negativities and stagnation within your home; replacing those energies with good intention and positivity.  

When to cleanse your space:

  • Moving into a new space
  • When you've been feeling down in the dumps: negative energy in your house could be feeding those feelings!
  • After being ill
  • After a break up or loss of someone
  • During any major life transition
  • If you feel stagnant and need a boost to keep you moving forward

Tools you can use to cleanse your home:

Herb bundles/incense-  the tradition of burning herbs or incense can be traced back to some of the world’s earliest cultures and spiritual practices. Although herb bundles are the one of the most common tools for cleansing, any herb with associated healing properties will work. You can also use loose herbs, cone incense and stick incense. Read about plant properties used within paganism and witchcraft here. Get cleansing incense, here.

Essential oils - Not into burning a ton of herbs in your home? Using the plant properties from within essential oils hold the same powers when it comes to cleansing. Like these ones, here.

Noise - Creating noise is by far one of the most effective ways to break up negative energy and move it. Play music that puts you in a good mood, ring a bell, clap your hands, play an instrument, use your voice! No matter which route you decide to take, the point of the noise is to have the vibrations push out any negative energy. Set your intention and make it heard!

A home cleansing ritual to try:

Before any cleansing ritual it is important to first clean your space, as welcoming any positive energies in is a little more difficult if you feel cluttered and bogged down in a mess.

  •  Walk the perimeter of your home holding a candle or lantern. Mentally prepare yourself for the ritual at hand and clear your mind. If you live in an apartment stand in the entrance of your home following the same step. Make sure to open any windows within your home, as you want all negative energy to move OUT.
  • Move into your home. Light your incense/herbs or prepare your essential oil spray.
  • Within each room repeat “to all the gods and goddesses, be ever welcome in our home. I cleanse and purify this room to dispel any negative energy.” Using a feather or your hand move the smoke or mist through each room clearing out the unwanted energies and blessing the space.
  • In a central area of your home end the ritual by giving an offering of your choosing.
  • Change what you say during the cleansing ritual as needed per-individual. This could be more in depth if you’d rather work with a particular god or goddess for your home blessing.

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  • Thank you Rachel for pointing out your Blog and info on cleansing and blessing for your home. I am truly grateful for your help. I am very happy with your excellent knowledge and experience with all my questions.
    I cannot wait for my Bindrune to arrive.

    Deborah Krohn on

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