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Daily pagan ritual ideas

Making time for rituals is important to every pagan. So how are we suppose to find time to honor the old gods when most of us work 40+ hours a week, go to school, have houses to run and try to have some kind of a social life?
That's easy. We make time.
Here's a few ideas you can try working into your daily life:

1. Give an offering of incense. Use plant properties from within the incense that correlate to your chosen deity(s) and leave your gods an offering. Like these incense, here.
2. Don't like burning incense? Leave a different offering. Each god or goddess likes different offerings, that's a given. Leave offerings of jewelry, coins, a hand crafted item you made, herbs, libations, meat, vegetables or anything else you find suitable for your god(s). Loki seems to enjoy when I burn things for him, so I make time for that weekly.
3. Go on a quick walk outdoors. Being outdoors  will re-connect you with mother earth, the goddess Skadi and god Ullr, lowers stress levels and brings us much needed calmness from the hustle and bustle. If you can't take a long hike in the heathen church consider just eating your lunch outside. Even an extra ten minutes of fresh air a day will do wonders for your health.
4. Meditate. There's tons of free guided meditations on youtube. If you don't want to bother with technology while you meditate just sit somewhere quiet and visualize your favorite rune.
5. Pay attention to Omens and signs from nature. The gods and ancestors often use nature to communicate with us. Look for any signs they might be sending you and reflect on them.
6. Clean your altar space. If your altar is cluttered your ritual most likely will be, too. Take a little time to dust off your altar space, re-organize your ritual tools and leave out a fresh offering to your gods.
7. Do a little research. Knowledge is power. Take 15 minutes a day to study up on paganism, your chosen deity or new rituals to try.
8. Love your family and pets. A large part of paganism is working off good intention and manifesting good things. By loving your family and pets you will give off good energy and will, in return, receive good energy!
9. Light a candle and manifest your goal. Working on a goal? Light a candle that corresponds to your goal (for instance, green for prosperity or purple for calmness) and manifest it by saying out loud "[This is my goal] and I am going to accomplish it by [doing these things]". You can also carve your intention (or bindrune) into the candle and visualize it becoming a reality as it melts away.
10. Cleanse your home and body. Cleansing yourself, home and ritual work space will help you feel grounded, will remove negative energy and help promote well being. 
11. Write in a journal. Take time to reflect. Write down what you're manifesting, aspects of rituals that work/don't work for you, positive notes about your day or whatever you're inspired by. Also consider writing down your "To-do" list for the following day to be better organized. 
12. Carry a pocket talisman. Make yourself a talisman to help you be more successful within a ritual you are working on. by carrying it with you it will absorb your energy and help you manifest your ritual desires.
13. Burn bindrunes for success. Draw yourself a bindrune for a specific ritual and burn it every day until you are successful.
14. Work out. I'm pretty sure Odin wouldn't want to give praise to someone who stagnates like a useless sack of potatoes. Move around, lift weighs, throw around a kettlebell, jog, anything to get you moving.
15. Cast the runes. Even if you only have time for a single rune draw. Rune casting is a great way to see valuable insight. Like these handmade rune sets.
16. Plan your next ritual. Good planning always means more success.
17. Visit the same part of the forest every 9 days. 9 is relevant within Norse Mythology for a very long, long list of reasons. Take time every 9 days to visit the same outdoors area to re-connect with the gods, leave an offering and to spend a little time outside. Consider building an outdoor altar made of biodegradable materials to re-visit. A hole near the base of a tree works great!

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