Freya bindrune offering bowl
Freya bindrune offering bowl
Freya bindrune offering bowl
Freya bindrune offering bowl

Freya bindrune offering bowl

 Offering bowls are used to hold offerings. Offerings can include herbs, various liquids, powders, coins, and anything else that you deem worthy as an offering to your chosen deity. Your offering bowl can also be used to store smudge sticks, incense and other consecration tools. 

Within this offering bowl is a bindrune combining fehu, raidho, ehwaz, jera and ansuz. It is hand engraved and is to be used to invoke the goddess Freya.

Benefits of using offering bowls:

  • Perfect for any liquid, food, plant, or ash offerings

  • Can be used during rituals

  • Use to store incense or smudge sticks 

  • Use to organize or decorate your altar space

Dimensions:  roughly 6 inches across and 2 inches tall.

Learn more about pagan ritual tools here here:


**I recommend cleansing and consecrating your offering bowl if used in ritual and to not allow others to handle it.**

**All wood working at Oreamnos Oddities is done from scratch and by hand. Rachel makes every item from the ground up and never purchase pre-made wood cuts for her designs. Each item is created on site, is hand sanded and all finishing work is also done by hand.**

**All designs engraved within the wood are all done entirely by hand. You will never find laser engraved wood working from Oreamnos Oddities. Since most of our pieces will be used within ritual we want to keep every item involved and create every aspect of it by hand. In doing so we believe the God's will thank us and this will further your skill within your own ritual practices. It is important when purchasing ritual tools that they are created in this way rather than mass produced.**