Deer hide altar cloth - Protection stave
Deer hide altar cloth - Protection stave

Deer hide altar cloth - Protection stave

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Altar cloths are used in sacred spaces to protect ritual working areas and for ceremonies. Keep your altar space protected with a handmade altar cloth, no altar space is complete without one.

Benefits of using altar cloths:

  • Protecting your ritual work space
  • Use to wrap ritual tools for outdoor use
  • Use for rune readings, divination and tarot readings
  • Collecting herbs within
  • Drape over trunks, night stands or for décor purposes
  • Tie twine around to use as a rune pouch

Dimensions: hide sizes vary but each is roughly 24 by 10 inches.

This ethically sourced deer hide has a hand burnt stave to be used for protection on the face of it. Please view images to see a full description of the stave that was originally found within the Huld manuscript.

Learn more about pagan ritual tools here:


**All deer hides vary slightly in size given they're a natural material. The hide you receive will be a slightly different shape than the one pictured but I do size each hide by hand as well and cut to size to keep them all as similar as possible**

**This item is hand burnt after you order. Please allow additional shipping time as this is a made to order item.**

**All altar cloths have designs hand burnt or painted within them**

**All animal hides and bones sold at Oreamnos Oddities are always ethically sourced**