Black ritual incense - 10 pk.
Black ritual incense - 10 pk.
Black ritual incense - 10 pk.
Black ritual incense - 10 pk.
Black ritual incense - 10 pk.
Black ritual incense - 10 pk.

Black ritual incense - 10 pk.

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You will receive 1 package of black ritual incense sticks. This includes 10 individual hand dipped incense sticks. All incense come in a black water proof package adorned with a goat head.

All the incense created at Oreamnos Oddities are made from pure essential oils and are hand dipped. Lasting for roughly an hour each is made extra strength.

Our special blends can only be found directly through Oreamnos Oddities.

Use to fragrance your home, in ritual and as daily offerings. You can also cleanse and consecrate items with these incense.

Please select which incense blend you would like to receive in the drop down menu. 

Blend descriptions:

WOODSMAN - This blend is a unique mix of pine & mistletoe with hints of a campfire. Perfect for any man or woman that enjoys forest scented blends.

TUNDRA - My Tundra incense is a unique blend of Frankincense, Mistletoe and Cedar. Like waking up after a night sleeping in open tundra. This incense is also wonderful for meditation and cleansing rituals or to use as an offering.

FIRESIDE - Bring the campfire to your home and ritual space. This blend gives off hints of wood smoke and cinnamon.

BALSAM FIR - Balsam Fir is known to give you strength, break up negativity and bring about change. You can use this ritual incense as a means to acquire much needed insight during ritual. If you are fond of forest scents this incense will be perfect for you as it smells like a walk through a balsam forest.

CEDAR - Cedar is known for healing, purification, strength and protective properties. This incense is also wonderful for anyone who prefers forest scents.

LAGUZ - Use this incense blend in ritual to better meditate, cleanse and focus your energy. Use active visualization and concentration to bring what you want to manifest into your life. The laguz blend is a unique blend of water and masculine scents.

CLEAN BREAK - This incense is a unique blend of musk, pine and mint. Use it in ritual to bring about a new beginning,  a clean break and for success. If you are wanting something negative in your life to come to and end and to focus on the positive ahead this blend would be perfect for you. You can also use Pine to repel negativity from you when used correctly. You can also use this incense for cleansing rituals as pine holds purification properties and is wonderful for cleansing.

MISTLETOE - Mistletoe is used for fertility, creativity, good health and protection against negativity. Burn this in your home to protect it. Cleanse yourself with this incense to repel negativity from you.

MINT - Mint is known for it's protective and prosperity properties. Use this incense to bring about prosperity, to protect your home and burn on your altar to draw good spirits to assist you in your rituals.

MONEY DRAWING - Use this incense blend in ritual to become prosperous and to draw money in your life. A unique handmade blend of mint with hints of rosemary, this incense blend will bring you prosperity, security and success within your current endeavors.