Old God's incense sampler pack
Old God's incense sampler pack
Old God's incense sampler pack
Old God's incense sampler pack
Old God's incense sampler pack

Old God's incense sampler pack

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Witchcraft and Paganism have a long history of using incense as a ritual tool. They are used as a means to clear unwanted energies, to dedicate an area as a ritual space and as offerings to the God’s and Goddesses. You can use incense to help purify, cleanse and also sanctify your home and ritual space. An incense blend can have a wide variety of magical properties depending on the plants and herbs used within it. No ritual space is complete without incense!

Benefits of using incense:

  • Give as offerings to your chosen deities
  • Aid in meditation
  • Use in rituals
  • Setting tone/mood in your ritual space
  • Use as home fragrance

Dimensions/Quantities: Each pack of incense comes with 10 hand dipped sticks. They are 11” tall.

You will receive 2 sticks of Freya's blend, 2 sticks of Odin's blend, 2 sticks of Thor's blend, 2 sticks of Idun's apples blend & 2 sticks of Loki's blend.

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Blend descriptions:

ODIN'S BLEND - Use this incense blend to better connect with the All Father. A unique mixture of mugwort, musk and water. Mugwort is one of the  9 herbs used within the "nine herbs charm" found in a document written in the 10th century. The Anglo Saxons believed the 9 herbs had special powers against illness and evil. I created this blend due to mug wort often times being connected with Odin and that he sacrificed an eye to Mimir in exchange for a drink from Mimir's well. 

FREYA'S BLEND - Use this incense to invoke the Goddess Freya and to attract love into your life. This unique mixture of lavender with a hint of honey can be used in love spells, for attraction and also to de-stress after a long day.

THOR'S BLEND - This blend was created to invoke the god Thor and to embrace his strength. A mixture of masculine water scents to envision the battle of Thor and Jörmungandr, pine for it's strength properties and dragon's blood for protection. Dragon's blood is also commonly used to strengthen ritual workings so this would be best reserved for in-depth rituals.

LOKI'S BLEND - Use this incense blend in ritual to better work with the god Loki. A blend of wood smoke and mistletoe. Mistletoe in connection to the death of Baldr and wood smoke as Loki is the god of fire.

IDUN'S APPLES BLEND - A mixture of cinnamon and crisp apples to better embrace the Goddess Idun. Idun is the owner and dispenser of a fruit that imparts immortality.

**All incense come in a black water proof package adorned with a goat head.**

**All the incense created at Oreamnos Oddities are made from pure essential oils and are hand dipped. Lasting for roughly an hour. Each is made extra strength and last twice as long as most other incense.**

**Our special blends can only be found directly through Oreamnos Oddities.**