Item consecration

Item consecration

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This listing is for ritual consecration of the item(s) you purchase from me or the item(s) you send to me in the mail.

This single listing will work for three items or less. If you would like more than three items to be consecrated you will need to purchase this listing more than once.

I will ritually consecrate the items. This will cleanse the items of any unwanted energies and declare them as ritual tools. Once the item(s) have been consecrated they should be considered sacred and treated as such. Do not allow anyone to handle the consecrated items other than yourself once the consecration has taken place.

This consecration will work for new items or an old item you have that has been difficult to clear of the unwanted energies. 

During check out you will need to leave me your email address.

After consecration has taken place I will photograph your item(s) during consecration and email you an image so you know the item(s) were consecrated. If you do not leave me your email no images will be sent. 

There are no refunds on this service.