Home blessing ritual kit
Home blessing ritual kit
Home blessing ritual kit
Home blessing ritual kit
Home blessing ritual kit

Home blessing ritual kit

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This home blessing ritual kit will cleanse your home of negativity. It will help welcome the gods and goddesses within your home, to dis-spell any negative spirits and to encourage a balanced atmosphere of prosperity, growth and protection. Within the kit is a single coal and a loose incense blend of white sage and resin with protective properties. You will also receive a bindrune only available for this ritual kit and suggested instructions on how to preform the ritual written by the store owner.

Benefits of using home blessing ritual tool kits:

  • Insight into another pagans personal practice and ritual
  • To clear negative energy from your home
  • To better connect with your chosen deities
  • Understand how to better use bindrunes within ritual
  • To acquire a better ritual working space after ritual has been done
  • To re-instate positivity within your home

Dimensions: Each tin measures 3.75 x 2.5 inches. This item is for a one time home blessing ritual.

Learn more about pagan ritual tools here:



**Each tin comes with white sage and resin with protective properties**

**Each tin comes with a single coal to be used in a metal or fire safe offering bowl with sand**

**Sand is not included in your purchase of this ritual kit**

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relaxed the whole energy

I have now used this and it is wonderful, the clear instructions are great. i loved the piece of coal to keep it all burning away though the house. One thing (and this is my suggestion and nothing to do with oreamnos oddities or rachel) I covered my smoke alarm as the smoke is pretty dense and i didn't want the ritual spoiled with the smoke alarm going off. obviously i took the cover off afterwards

Belgium Belgium

Absolutely amazing

Couldn’t be happier with this, I’m new to rituals and having a kinda guidesheet but a kit made it better. And on top of that the feeing once I was finished is definitely noticeable.

United States United States

Arrived perfectly

I have not yet performed the ritual however everything arrived very quickly and well explained. All packaging is very smart with no unnecessary packaging, which i find important

Belgium Belgium


It was absolutely amazing I could feel the change in the air !

Willow M.
United States United States

Perfect !

Amaaazing! Comes with everything you need in lovely Oreamnos oddities packaging !! I am definitely going to grab a few more!

Kelsey D.
United States United States