Bone talisman set
Bone talisman set
Bone talisman set

Bone talisman set

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A talisman can be any object you consecrate to use in ritual. From engraved wood, bone, a statue or larger ornate items. Adorn your altar and sacred space with these hand painted ritual talismans from Oreamnos Oddities.

Benefits of using talismans:

  • Use in ritual for home protection and blessings
  • Can be given as an offering 
  • Help you to interact with your chosen deities
  • Personalize your altar space
  • Use as a decor item

Dimensions: Range from 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches long & 0.5 to 1.5 inches wide.

 Two talismans have a hand painted bindrune to be used for home protection. The single, smaller talisman has a hand painted Algiz rune.


 **All bones sold at Oreamnos Oddities are ethically sourced. We never buy bones to re-sell which means everything for sale is limited, found while hiking and each and every bone is cleaned/processed by hand. It is important to us to honor these animals within pagan rituals and to harvest naturally as we want all of our ritual pieces to be created with good intention**