Algiz rune hanger
Algiz rune hanger
Algiz rune hanger
Algiz rune hanger

Algiz rune hanger

This item measures 8.5 x 2.5 inches. Made of solid pine, ethically sourced elk vertebra and is engraved entirely by hand. There is only one of these available as our bone inventory is always limited due to naturally harvesting from within the landscape.

How to use this item:

This hanger can simply be hung on a wall for those who enjoy Norse Mythology and want to use it as a simple decor item.

You can consecrate this item at your altar and use it in your ritual practice. Learn to consecrate items here

Use as an altar textile by leaning against a wall on your altar or hang above your altar.

Hang above a door way.

Gift to someone.

What do the runes mean?

The algiz runes are hand engraved along the backer board of this piece. They are made up of the oldest form of runic alphabets: The Elder Futhark. If you would like to learn more about these runes please visit this page.

All wood working at Oreamnos Oddities is done from scratch and by hand. We make all our items from the ground up and never purchase pre-made wood cuts for ours designs. Each item is created on site, is hand sanded and all finishing work is also done by hand.

The bones used at Oreamnos Oddities are all ethically sourced. We never buy bones to re-sell which means everything for sale is limited, found while hiking and each and every one is cleaned and processed by hand. It is important to us to honor these animals within Pagan rituals and to harvest naturally as we want all of our ritual pieces to be created with good intention.

All designs engraved within the wood are all done entirely by hand. You will never find laser engraved wood working from Oreamnos Oddities. Since most of our pieces will be used within ritual we want to keep every item involved and create every aspect of it by hand. In doing so we believe the God's will thank us and this will further your skill within your own ritual practices. It is important when purchasing ritual tools that they are created in this way rather than mass produced. Being made of naturally sourced items is also important which is why we choose to work with bone and wood primarily.